Time to win the war on weight with Virtual Gastric Band South Australia!

Now is your time to win the battle of the bulge and live in a peaceful zone of good health as an Adeladie resident.

It’s now a worldwide problem – finding an effective and efficient programme for weight loss has left millions of people frustrated as they struggle to form a healthy relationship with food.  Calorie counting, fasting and a myriad of dieting programs and supplements have left many people feeling deflated and defeated with regard to their healthy body goals with some only shedding between 0.3 to 3 kilos and getting stuck.  Virtual Gastric Band may be the answer for people that have found themselves in a perpetual cycle of ups and downs with their weight.  After a survey conducted many of the practitioners of Virtual Gastric Band, the results have been staggering.  It is essentially about giving people that want to lose the weight the right kind of mind-set that ensures they are able to achieve their goals.  There really is simplicity in losing weight.  The challenge in the past for many people has been the application of the basic rules that most of us are aware of up until this point. 

Results of success with Virtual Gastric Band have shown that total aggregate weight loss is 26,905 kg, which works out to be an average of 9.5 kg per client.  The inventor of the procedure, Sheila Granger has had weight loss results with her clients coming in at a total of 61,315 lb or 27,812 kgs, which is a total of 30 tonnes.  Just to give you an idea, the Abbots Self Propelled gun that is depicted above this article weighs a total of 16 tonnes.

As we know there are some health benefits connected to weight loss that are more obvious than others, as a survey with clients outlined.  There has been a record lowered blood sugar level and blood pressure.   There has also been an increase in happiness, self-esteem, more enjoyment in exercise and confidence.  In addition, there had been increased mobility, loss of anxiety, stress reduction, improved sleep, loss of depression and in many cases an increase in libido.

I personally had my own problems with carrying excess weight as a younger person and this is part of the reason I get satisfaction from assisting people in making a lifestyle change.  I know when I decided to make the change and shed the weight that did not serve me that I became more confident and this seemed to have an exponentially positive effect on my life.    To see people able to do the things that they have been unable to do for so long is a wonderful feeling.  I get a buzz when people come into my clinic after just a week or two telling me about the inches they have dropped and I can see it clearly with my own eyes.  It’s the quantifiable and tangible results that are so exciting to me.

If either you or a loved one is interested in gaining slimness, living a healthier and happier lifestyle and want to start moving the way you once did with energy and vigor, Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis and NLP program is for you.  It’s time to live slim Adelaide!