I used to procrastinate. I knew lots of time and priority management systems and techniques. Yet I still procrastinated, second guessed myself and doubted my decision making. I knew it was old habits, but that didn’t help me change either.

Matthew helped me take the invisible bull by the horns…….without any struggling. He turned me into a task master and so now I am mastering tasks instead of them mastering me. I now do what lines up with my goals, hopes and dreams; and my work day is more and more play, and playtime is even more pleasurable!

Things are simpler, stuff that was serious is flowing, fun and free…….

I realise I had lots of good ideas; but now I am playing a better and more interesting game, and getting to where I want.

So for me, Matthew is a craftsman. There aren’t many of those around these days.  


I came to Matthew looking for self improvement and self esteem. I wanted to grow and develop into the successful business woman I knew was inside me waiting to come out.
Matthew was able to identify what areas I needed to work on and gave me systems to implement that would set me in the right direction.
I learned more about myself through my sessions with him and was very pleasantly surprised by the progress I made in a short amount of time.
I am now very successful and my productivity has increased 2 fold since i began implementing the systems I was given by Matthew.
I'm very grateful for his time and the support he has provided and can not recommend him highly enough.
Thank you Matthew.


Thank you, thank you. I can never thank Matthew enough for what he has done for me. For at least 50 years of my life I have carried so much hurt, resentment, guilt, apathy you name it I felt it. I felt I wasn’t worthy to walk this earth. Life was meaningless and I just went through the motions. All I wanted was to curl up into a little ball and bury myself under the covers never to surface. The loathing I had for myself I couldn’t stand to look at myself. Meeting Matthew changed all that. The experience was amazing. I started to feel better almost instantly. I had some ups and downs along the way but I have become a better person, free from so many negative emotions. I am so positive about my life now, I don’t recognise myself. Without Matthew’s help I would never be the person I am now. I have been to so many other people before, psychologists, psychiatrists and always left after 2 or 3 sessions. It all felt so helpless to me. Matthew was the only way who helped me break free. The demons are finally gone.



Very kind and trustworthy went above and beyond to help me to achieve my goals


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Matthew has helped me find great success through his program! He is a genuinely kind and caring person who is very invested in helping his clients achieve their goals.


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I found Matthew to be very helpful and professional in his service. I have happily recommended him to friends and family and if you have a reason to go see Matthew be assured its worth the time and effort if you want the results, because he will help you get them.

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