Hypnotherapy for Binge Eating

Hypnosis for Binge Eating Adelaide

Put an end to binge eating with Hypnosis and NLP

When a person eats a large quantity of food when they are not hungry, this behaviour falls under the classification of binge eating.  There are several ways that individuals partake in this behaviour.  Some will purchase food specifically with the intention to binge on, often doing so in secret.  Others may unconsciously and simply eat cake at morning tea, a biscuit or more at afternoon tea with a coffee, followed by one or more sweet treats after dinner.   Shame and guilt are heavily connected when partaking in the behaviour of binge eating, particularly when the individual consistently consumes a large amount of food every day.  Our Hypnotherapy for Binge Eating program in Adelaide can help you to identify the unconscious drivers of binge eating behaviour so that you can be in charge of your mind and body.

There are several underlying issues that may cause an individual to binge.  There is also a correlation between people that attempt to restrict their calories and partake in this pattern of behaviour.  This is due to the fact that restricting calories over the long term is difficult to maintain, and can often lead to the old pattern of binge eating to re-occur.  Other reasons for recurrence of the behaviour include:

Anxiety or Stress

When people feel negative emotions such as sadness, fear or guilt, consuming food is a strategy that many unconsciously adopt in order to distract themselves from deeper issues at hand.  While partaking in the pattern of binge eating, a person will typically become dissociated from the problem or negative emotion present, only to find the negative emotions return upon the completion of the excess food consumption.  

Self Esteem Issues

When a person is not happy with their body image or outward appearance, they can become overly attached to what they are not achieving.  Focusing on what we are not achieving can create a negative feedback loop, which can lead to binge eating.

Eating Disorders

There is a direct connection between people with past incidence of Bulimia or Anorexia and binge eating.

Binge eaters and bulimics have a major difference in their behaviour.  Whilst a bulimic will purge after eating, a binge eater does not.  As a result, an individual with a binge eating disorder will often times be subject to large amounts of weight gain. 

Binge Eating Hypnosis Adelaide's Eastern Suburbs

At our Glenside clinic, we have a specifically designed therapeutic model to give people the tools become empowered and regain control of their lives.  The typical time frame of this intervention is between four and six sessions, and the duration of each session is 90 minutes.  The initial session of the intervention will be dedicated to getting a detailed personal history, while beginning to uncover the unconscious patterns of behaviour and negative emotions that contribute to the problem.

You will also be taught the mechanics and inner workings of hypnosis, which allows you to build a rapport and relationship with your unconscious mind, a requirement for initiating the emotional healing needed to achieve your goals.

The sessions that follow make use of Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to identify and isolate the root cause of the presenting problem for the purpose of assisting you to let go of the negative pattern of behaviour.  For the majority of clients, the cause of the problem is outside of conscious awareness, and for this reason individuals may not have any associated memories that are connected with the problem.  As a trained hypnotherapist, I have expertise in asking the right questions to identify the inner working of the presenting problem, and to provide the perfect conditions for behavioural change.

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