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Hypnosis and NLP for Heartbreak - and Transiting Though the end of Relationships

Why do heartbreaks hurt so much?

If you have ever ended a relationship with someone you really loved, you know that it hurts really deeply. It’s not just fleeting feeling of sadness. Some people have even reported feeling physical pain or becoming ill due to a heartbreak.

So why do we, rational adults, feel such a level of heartbreak and pain when a relationship comes to an end? Even when we know that we can easily find another partner?

Love and heartbreak have a real effect on your brain

Love has been found to activate the exact same part of the brain as narcotic drugs. Recent research shows that it is equally addictive. 

As with drugs, when you are deprived of the love you had gotten used to you start to experience withdrawal symptoms. Your brain is basically telling you to give it its dose of the pleasure stimulant.

Research into the brain, including MRI images, have shown that the brain registers and processes a heartbreak as it processes physical pain.

It affects the rest of the body too

The brain controls almost every other part in the body. The effect that love and heartbreak have on the body affects other body parts and process. 

When you are in love, the brain triggers the production of dopamine, serotonin, and cortisol. These hormones are associated with pleasure and happiness and have a feel-good effect on your body. 

During heartbreak the brain triggers production of stress hormones, mainly adrenaline and cortisol. A combination of these hormones and your state of mind has been show to have physical effects such as nausea, and laboured breathing. 

There is also new evidence showing that heartbreaks weakens heart muscles in a condition called the Takotsubo syndrome.

With such effects, it is no wonder that many people feel unwell when heartbroken.

You can overcome the heartbreak

Through evolutionary development, the human brain has learned to overcome disappointments and frustrations. With your brain ready to let go of your ex, it is now down to you to take the action needed.

Here are a few tips to help you:

i.       Forgive him/her: You need to forgive them for you to really move on. Otherwise it might even affect your future relationsips

ii.     Get out there and do you: despite how you feel, don’t exclude yourself or stop doing what you liked. Work on your studies, job, or hobbies and go out even just for a walk.

iii.    Remain close to the other people that are close to you, it is not them you broke up with.

iv.    Let go of things that remind you of him or her.

Hypnotherapy and NLP for Heartbreaks and Transiting through the end of Relationships

It is easy to tell someone to do this and this to get over their ended relationship and partner. In reality, however, we all know it’s not that easy. This is because heartbreak, its effects, an our actions at that time are deeply connected with the subconscious. 

In recent years, hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic process (NLP) have been shown to help completely resolve the pain of heartbreaks. Pick a qualified hypnotherapist and NLP coach. They will guide you to access the subconscious part of the brain that is associated with the post-relationship pain and lack of enthusiasm. 

For instance, you will be guided to access and address the memories of your ex-partner and the ended relationship that are hindering you from moving on.  This will in turn allow you to look back on memories and see them only as that; completely free of pain, hurt and regret allowing yourself to truly let go of the past.

By addressing the issues in the subconscious, you will find it even easier to take the other actions that you need to keep move on with your life. Hypnotherapy and NLP also prevents the possibility of you falling back into the effects of heartbreaks as you build resilience and a clear picture of exactly the type of relationship and partner that you want in the future.  Free yourself from burden and find the love that you deserve.  Get in touch today.

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