Smoking ban now in effect for South Australian outdoor dining.

Quit smoking as Adelaide legislative changes will make you life more difficult if you do not decide to be a non-smoker.

If you are a smoker and you have not decided to go ahead and kick the habit, the recent change in South Australian that became effective in July 2016 may well be the reason for you to start to take a breath of fresh air and quit today.   Considering the South Australian has also announced the government funding of anti-tobacco campaigns, it may be easier to make the change now with Hypnosis.

There has been a large amount of media coverage around the topic.  This comes as no surprise as the changes will make it prohibited to smoke in an outdoor dining area where people are eating.  As many of you know the only place they can congregate other than on the street is the alfresco areas.  With smokers now unable have a puff in beer gardens, the restrictions have created more social hurdles for smokers to jump through in order to 'relax'.

Understandably the hotels, bars, club and restaurants are all up in arms, as they perceive the change in legislation threatening their business. The fear being that punter's may be drawn away from hotels that do serve food outdoors and flock to their competitors that have stopped food service in their alfresco areas.  If you enjoy socialising, eating out or even partying from time to time, you could see this as a prime opportunity to quit right away.  Personally, when I go out and socialize, disappearing during a conversation with friends and loved ones would be the last thing I would want to worry about.  As we work longer hours, in jobs with high amounts of responsibility, it further puts an emphasis on how time is truly our most important resource.  I don’t know about you, but I want to really make the most of every minute of my life, and running away from the table for a cigarette every 10 minutes or so is not a prime example of that.   In addition to that point, it is now being said that each cigarette robs us of 10 minutes of our life.  Ir you are interested hypnosis and some of thy myths about hypnosis, check out the next blog post on Hypnosis myths debunked 1, which is part of a larger series of articles on their way.