Series Self-Sabotage - Article 11 -Hypnosis is the solution

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Improving your ability to handle stress. 

What exactly is stress?

Stress is the body’s way of responding to any kind of challenge, demand or threat. In small doses stress can help you to perform under pressure, motivate you out of procrastination, and face up to challenges. However, if you frequently find yourself feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and unable to cope, your mind and body will pay the price.

This means that it is time to take action and get your nervous system back into balance. You can protect yourself by improving the way that you think and feel. The best way to do this is to learn to recognise the signs and symptoms of chronic stress, and to take steps to reduce the harmful effects.


Some signs of stress overload.

The most alarming thing about stress is that it can often creep up on you and before you know it, it begins to feel familiar. You self-sabotage yourself by thinking that the anxious feelings are normal and you ignore the obvious signs of chronic stress.

Here are signs to look out for.

·       Memory problems.

·      Concentration difficulties.

·      Poor or irresponsible judgement decisions.

·      Viewing everything in a negative light.

·      Anxious and racing thoughts.

·      In a constant state of extreme worry and anxiety.

Any of these stress symptoms can lead to health problems which may include sleep problems, a higher risk of heart disease, depression or anxiety, sexual dysfunction hassles, as well as muscular aches and pains.

Common causes of stress.

There are external as well as internal causes of stress. Internal stressors often include self-sabotaging issues such as negative or pessimistic thoughts, an inability to accept any uncertainty, a lack of flexibility, and unrealistic expectations from others.

External stressors are greater in number, and can lead to an increase in internal stress as you battle to cope.

Here are a few external occurrences that can drive up your stress levels.

·      Difficulties in your workplace, and job loss.

·      Relationship problems.

·      Financial problems.

·      Divorce.

·      Death of a close family member.

·      An injury or a serious illness.

These are just some of the traumatic events that could take place in your life. If you experience any of these events, the chances are that they will remain in your subconscious mind, then filter through to your conscious mind and sabotage your behavioural responses to stress in general.  

Hypnosis for stress and anxiety.

There has been extensive research which has indicated that hypnosis has long been used to relieve stress and anxiety, and that there is a great deal of documented proof of tremendous successes. When you experience hypnosis you are not in a trance of any sort - you are rather in a state of deep relaxation in body and mind, and fully aware of what is taking place.

During this time when your mind is quiet, your mind is more open to change allowing the therapist to successfully access the subconscious mind, and begin dealing with the baggage and trauma which is holding you captive to stressful reactions. 

 Hypnotherapy will help you in the following ways:

·      Eliminating a stress response where it is not necessary. The stress response is responsible for the physical reactions experienced in the body.

·      Help you to restore control and confidence in your life by banishing self-sabotaging thoughts.

·      Change your attitude and the way you look at life, from a negative mindset to one which is more positive, hopeful and optimistic, and free of baggage and trauma.

·      You will learn how to recognise triggers which may cause anxiety, and learn how to take appropriate action.

·      Improve your ability to control your emotions by learning how to calm yourself when you are feeling sad, angry or troubled.

Spending time with folk who improve your mood is also key. Studies have shown that you should not allow responsibilities to keep you from having a social life with people who help to lift your spirits up.