The Psychological Origins of Procrastination – Why We wait.

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Don’t wait until tomorrow.

Procrastination can be best described as the action of postponing or delaying something which needs to be done. It is the regular practice of avoiding a task that needs doing, in favour of doing something more pleasurable, or doing less urgent things, instead of first carrying out the tasks which are on the top of the list.


Constant procrastination is a habit which, when practised enough, potentially leads to a deeply ingrained pattern of behaviour. Habits are only broken if you resolutely and persistently make the effort to stop practising them.

New research suggests that making a mental effort to perform a task which is perceived to be difficult, can be tiring, and for that reason many chose to work on something easier, hoping to get in the mood to tackle the harder task. Repeatedly putting off the important tasks, just adds to chronic procrastination, and can potentially stop you from fulfilling your career aims.

Why we procrastinate.

Some folk are so accustomed to putting off things for another day that they do not know whether or not they have the procrastination bug.

If you feel that you may be a procrastinator, here are some pointers to help you know when you are procrastinating:

·      Reading emails several times without working on them, or deciding what you are going to do with them.

·      Filling your entire day with only the unimportant tasks on your to-do list.

·      Motivating yourself to begin a high-priority task, and almost immediately go off to do something silly like making a cup of coffee.

·      Leaving something on your to-do list for a long time, even though you are aware of its importance.

·      Unable to refuse doing unimportant things for others when asked, instead of getting on with important tasks on your own list.

·      If you are waiting for the right mood or the right time to tackle something, there is no doubt you are procrastinating!

If you can identify with any of these indicators, then it is more than likely that you have definite issues with procrastination.

The solution to controlling this negative habit is to change your mindset, and recognise what actually triggers your procrastination.

Ways to help break the procrastination habit.

·      Studies have shown that procrastination is often fear-based. You may imagine that a certain task will be difficult, challenging, and take a lot of time to complete. Before even starting, you look to the future, and are fearful that you may not be able to cope efficiently, or even finish the job. Putting off the work and watching TV, eating, reading, or browsing the net, seems a much better idea, and hopefully will take your attention away from what you fear.

·      The solution is to shift your focus from finishing, to starting, and concentrate on taking the first step. Break the task down into small steps, and focus on taking the first one. Even if you only work in short bursts, you will build up enough motivation to keep going.

·      Some people develop a mental block if they feel that they have to do something that they really do not want to do. The more you tell yourself that you have to do it, the more you will feel forced into it, and the more you will dig your heels in, and avoid even starting the task.

·      The key to changing this mindset is to rephrase the dialogue that is in your mind. You know that the job has to be done, but why not change the have to into something more empowering that gives you the choice – like I choose to or I will.


Changing behaviour patterns.

The longer you can spend without procrastinating, the better your chances will be of overcoming this time-wasting habit. It is a known fact that we talk to ourselves all the time. Negative statements will impact negatively, and positive statements will have a positive effect on your behaviour patterns.

Ultimately these mental discussions can entitle you to overcome many adverse feelings and behaviours. If you conclude that you have issues with procrastination that you want to eliminate, talking to yourself and making positive affirmations, when you recognise the triggers that may set you off, will be of tremendous benefit.


Do what you can today – and let tomorrow take care of itself!


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