Hypnosis Plus Napoleon Hill's Teachings: A Perfect Combination for Phenomenal Results


Think and Grow Rich is an incredible book by Napoleon Hill. Anyone who's read it must have loved his auto-suggestion approach. This is what we now call "affirmation".

When Napoleon wrote this book back in 1937, scientists had not yet discovered why affirmations are incredibly powerful. They also didn't know that they could be even stronger when repeated in a trance state while filled with positive emotions.

How Does Visualizing Work?

1.    It creates a light trance state. In this state, you are not open to your own suggestions or those from others.

2.    Add in positive emotions and the trance deepens. You become more open.

3.    At this point, you affirm that the optimal truth about you is true. You picture the life you are creating, your relationships, your fulfilment and empowerment. You affirm the truth in all these. You have the let's-do-this mentality. You take charge of it. This is it.

This formula includes a combination of visualization, positive emotion and affirmation. It results in two main results in your brain:

1. Focusing or Filtering

The mix of pictures, sensation and words signals your brain's attention-processing centers. This in turn causes your brain to filter out contradictory information. You focus on the truth, the affirmations you made. You become more receptive to all information that supports the truth.

2. Familiarity

The combination of sight, feelings and logic breeds familiarity.

Previously, your brain may have not recognized your highest form of happiness or success. Frankly, your brain hates whatever it does not know. The norm is that as long as you keep experiencing what you are used to, you will survive. It's all very familiar to you and you're used to it.

In the same way, if you change the game and continue affirming the truth, while visualizing and filled with great emotions repeatedly, your brain allows these circumstances to thrive and gets comfortable with them.

Some people keep telling me that they are unable to visualize. They just cannot bring up positive emotions. They have absolutely no idea what they should say when creating affirmations. This is usually due to perfectionism. They don't know what the perfect thing to visualize, feel or affirm is.

Combining Napoleon Hill's Teachings with Hypnosis

There are many who have been able to live their dream lives using Napoloen Hill's methods. They can now turbocharge it by adding hypnosis to it.

And that's where hypnosis comes into the equation.

When in hypnosis and being guided by a trusted partner, it is easier to visualize and imagine. You and your partner in this case are committed to the amazing Think and Grow Rich principles.

Have you ever dreamt and gotten emotions that are so real that you could not even tell that you were dreaming? Using this method will give you such depth of emotion. Your visualization + affirmation + truth of your highest self will just keep becoming more and more real.

When hypnosis is combined with teachings from the book, Think and Grow Rich, you take all the affirmations (or auto-suggestions) mentioned and just relax, swiftly filling in all the blanks.

For instance, Napoleon Hill suggests repeating a certain phrase twice a day. You tell yourself that you give yourself permission to get a certain amount of money, and that you know you can receive that amount because the cash already exists. It is just awaiting for you to arrive. You add that your subconscious mind has to hand over the realistic plans that will enable you to acquire that cash that is already yours.

Imagine being in a deeply relaxed state experiencing turbocharged auto-suggestions. We have a hypnosis audio of Think and Grow Rich that will help you to quickly get into that mindset.

Awesome. You've now done the affirmation. All that is left to do, excellently, is whatever available action you have to move in the direction of what you've visualized. You know that it's done already. It's yours. Seize the moment and enjoy the journey to success.