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Binge Eating and Weight Loss.

What is binge eating?

Binge eating is when a person eats a large quantity of food when they are not hungry. Some will even purchase food with the specific intention to binge on, often doing so in secret. Others may just be in a spiral of overeating at any time of the day, whether you are hungry or not.

Almost everyone overeats from time to time, but if you regularly overeat and feel powerless to stop, you may be suffering from a binge eating disorder. Studies have shown that if you regularly binge eat at least twice per week for 6 months, you meet all the criteria for the disorder.


Why do people binge eat?

Binge eating is prolific among overweight and obese people who are trying to lose weight. There is a connection between this pattern of behaviour and attempts to drastically cut down calorie intake. Suddenly reducing calorie intake can result in you being overtaken by hunger pangs, and when an uncontrollable urge to eat attacks you – you binge!

There are other underlying issues which may cause a person to binge eat. These can include psychological issues such as:

·      Unresolved anxiety and stress that result in negative emotions like sadness, fear or guilt, which always leads to eating food to avoid facing the deeper problems at hand. This often becomes a never-ending circle of negativity, stress and eating.

·       Self-esteem issues such as when someone is not happy with their outward appearance, they may become overly concerned about the perceived problem, which in turn leads to negative emotional feedback, and binge eating.

·      Although binge eating is very different to Anorexia or Bulimia, research has shown that there could be a connection between binge eating and previous sufferers of those serious eating disorders, who may still have shadows of the past lurking in their minds.

The good news.

If you are suffering from a binge eating disorder, the good news is that it is treatable. You can break the binge eating cycle and develop a healthier relationship with food, and learn to correct distorted thinking regarding eating, weight or shape.

At the Rose Park, Adelaide clinic of Matthew Tweedie Hypnosis, there is a specially designed Binge Eating Hypnosis model specifically to give people the tools to become empowered and regain control of their lives.

The hypnotherapy program will uncover subconscious patterns which contribute to the problem, and initiate the emotional healing needed to help you let go of the negative behaviour of binge eating.

Matthew is a highly trained, experienced hypnotherapist who has the expertise to identify the inner workings of the problem presented, and is able to provide the perfect conditions for positive behavioural changes.

You will be able to motivate yourself to eat properly and restore a normal eating pattern which is essential for a long-term recovery.

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