Hypnotherapy and NLP for Fear fo Vomiting

Hypnosis and NLP for Fear fo Vomiting Adelaide

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Nobody enjoys vomiting; it is usually messy, disgusting and sometimes may even be painful. Despite the disgust, most people don’t have very strong emotions about vomiting because they understand that it is a normal biological reaction.

If, therefore, you experience intense feeling such as intense fear or anxiety, that is not a normal reaction. You might be suffering from emetophobia, a condition in which a person is abnormally afraid of vomiting or witnessing someone else vomiting.

The emetophobia fear and anxiety is not just about vomiting but also about what could go wrong as a result of vomiting. You might find yourself worried about:

·     Not getting a bathroom or safe spot to vomit in

·     The trouble you will cause yourself or someone else to clean up the mess

·     Continuous vomiting

·     Getting embarrassed in public

·     Choking 

·     Abdominal pain especially if at one time you vomited it was accompanied by pain in the abdomen

·     The possibility that vomiting is a sign of a disease that could be quite serious

The thought of this possibilities will alarm you even if it is someone else vomiting. As a result, seeing or hearing the sound of someone else vomiting, or even seeing it on video could cause an emetophobic anxiety attack.

Cause of emetophobia

Like other conditions that are based on irrational fear and anxiety, emetophobia is caused by a traumatic past vomiting experience. 

You may have, for instance, had a vomiting experience was accompanied by an episode of severe illness. It may also have been an embarrassing situation for you or someone close to you.

The memory of that incident then becomes embedded in your subconscious brain. From that point, anything that is related to vomiting triggers the subconscious memory of that particular trauma causing you anxiety.

As a natural survival tactic, you will find yourself avoiding situations and conditions that may trigger the fear and anxiety.

Avoiding vomiting and similar conditions is, however, counterproductive. The anxiety tends to become more intense every time you avoid thins associated with vomiting.

There are also some people that claim they started experiencing the anxiety spontaneously. Some experts, however, dispute this. Since the phobia is based on an subconscious and irrational memory, a traumatic event might have happened and become embedded in your subconscious memory just that your conscious mind doesn’t remember it.

Even if you think that you remember the exact vomiting incident that caused you to have condition, you might be wrong. It is highly possible that the memory you have is of the first incident after you became emetophobic. 

Emetophobia has real impact on your lifestyle

One of the main challenges in dealing with emetophobia is that most people don’t think it is a serious condition. People around you are likely to tell you that you are being immature and you can solve it by just being brave. 

They fail to appreciate that it is a real condition that can have serious ramifications on your life.

The fear of vomiting may change your life in the following ways:

·     Eating patterns and behavior: you will tend to avoid foodstuff that may cause you to vomit. New foods and beverages may therefore scare you away. Eating in restaurants may therefore no longer be an enjoyable experience for you.

·     Taking care of sick people may repulse you as you fear the possibility of them vomiting 

·     Fear of long distance travelling and vigorous activities that could trigger vomiting

·     Unwarranted use of medication especially antacids

·     Irrational fear of illnesses

·     Avoiding social settings

Managing emetophobia using hypnotherapy

The fear, anxiety, and all the strong negative emotions that you feel towards vomiting is based on the memory of a vomiting incident. This memory is set in your subconscious mind and has made you perceive vomiting as a dangerous activity although you can't explain the danger. 

That’s why your conscious mind can't simply decide to stop fearing vomiting.

Hypnotherapy can help you tap into your subconscious mind and erase the negative thoughts that you have preserved about vomiting. 

After eradicating those thoughts, you will start to cultivate more rational thoughts about vomiting. 

Thousands of people have tried hypnotherapy and confirmed its effectiveness in treating emetophobia. 

Don’t let the fear of vomiting continue to cripple you. Contact a hypnotherapist and start your recovery process.

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