Workshops and Courses

Hello and welcome.  Here you will find some of the workshops and certifications that I offer.  I am continually travelling the world learning from the best in the fields of NLP, Hypnosis and Psychotherapy and my passion is to share some of this amazing technology.  Please take a look around and find what is the best fit for you becoming the best version of you that you can.


NLP Practitioner 2019

Live training and Certification

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) will give you tools for a whole new way of looking at the world.  Learn how to change your perspective from more conventional thinking by adopting this dynamic and expansive set of beliefs.  You can lean these tools to help friends, family or for business applications. Become certified in NLP and Time Line Therapy and make this your year to excel.


Build your 6 figure business with NLP & Conversational Hypnosis


Have you ever wondered why some clients stick around for the full course of treatments and why others seem to disappear into thin air? Have you ever wanted to know how to understand how you can use language to gain the best possible result while conserving your energy to allow you to have the best work life balance possible? 

Join me on Thursday the 4th of July as I cover some of strategies and skills that you can implement and start using right away to build your 6-figure natural therapy business.

I’ll see you there.