Personal Breakthrough 2020 - NLP and TLT Certification

February 15th - 21st


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During this 7 Day Breakthrough we will explore how the mind works. You will have the opportunity to clear negative emotions, release limiting beliefs and experience hypnosis one on one and as a group.

Module One

Do you ever feel like you’re talking to a brick wall? Like your kids or your partner or your staff are hearing what you’re saying but not really listening…?

Throughout module one we will discuss some simple and easy to implement strategies that will allow you to communicate easily and effectively so you can influence the people around you and create more win-win situations.

Discover the true power of your unconscious mind and how to unlock the potential of your unconscious mind so you can move forward towards your goals with ease and focus.

Module Two

Is there a particular food that you love that you wish you didn’t love? Would you like to learn how to quickly and easily motivate yourself to do those things that you don’t really want to do… perhaps exercise or paperwork…?

Would you like to learn how to motivate others?

Have you ever noticed that people’s eyes move when you speak to them..? Would you like to know what those eye movements mean, and how to use that information to understand what they are really thinking and feeling?

Throughout module two we will explore what it is about certain pictures that we hold in our mind that make us like chocolate or dislike exercise and you will learn a very simple and quick technique that will allow you to change those pictures so you can have more control over your thoughts and actions. (I once used this technique for soft serve ice cream and I haven’t touched it since!)

Module Three

Throughout module three you will learn the most powerful technique to move yourself and others from procrastination to motivation within moments (I certainly use this one often!)

Module Four

Have you ever felt torn between 2 things? Have you ever struggled to make a decision? Have you ever wasted hours, days, weeks or years feeling absolutely stuck because you haven’t been able to decide what you want to do.

Throughout module four you will learn how to resolve inner conflict. This will allow you to move forward with more confidence, clarity and determination. This technique will ultimately allow you to feel happier within yourself

Module Five

(Time Line Therapy TM)

Learn how to release negative emotions including anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt so you can focus your energy on creating the life that you want.

Discover how to uncover the root cause of limiting decisions and how let go of beliefs that no longer serve you (e.g. I’m not worth it, Losing weight is hard, I can’t get what I want)

Throughout module 5 you will have the opportunity to release any negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. You will also learn how to perform this process with others so that you can help your family and friends.

Over the past 8 years I have attended different training's and courses, and Time Line Therapy is hands down, the most powerful technique I have come across for releasing negative emotions and unresolved trauma.

Module Six


Understand exactly how hypnosis works and how to unlock the incredible power of your unconscious mind. During module six you will learn how to enter a hypnotic trance and how to assist others to enter trance.

You will have the amazing opportunity to explore hypnosis in a safe, supportive environment under the guidance of qualified and experienced hypnotherapists.

You will receive 5 hypnosis scripts for you to use with yourself and others and you will have the opportunity to experience gastric band hypnosis, stress less hypnosis and/or self-confidence hypnosis.

Module Seven

(Goal Setting)

During module seven we will continue to explore hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

You will learn how to communicate with your unconscious mind using a pendulum. You can use this technique to speed up your metabolism, turn on the healing process and ask your unconscious mind questions about your body. You will also learn how to use this technique with others.

Towards the end of module 7 we will explore an extremely powerful goal setting technique and you will have the opportunity to drop a goal in your future time line. This is an incredible experience and will allow your conscious and unconscious mind to re-evaluate all of your future choices to ensure you achieve success. This is the secret behind "the secret" when it comes to manifesting the life or the body you have always wanted.

In Conclusion

The 7 day breakthrough is designed to change your way of thinking so you can take control of your life.

There is so much more included and best of all, every technique you learn over the seven days is yours for life. You can use these techniques with yourself whenever you desire AND you can use them with others.

At the end of the 7 days you will receive 2 certifications which will enable you to call yourself a NLP Practitioner AND a Time Line Therapy Practitioner. This means you can help your friends and family for free or you can set up a business and charge a fee for your highly effective service!

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