Update my mind software: Live training and certification

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Personal Breakthrough 2019

November the 22nd - 24th + November 30th December 1st and 2nd

Live training and Certification

  • Do you keep hearing the same stories from teachers and experts that there is not much else you can do?

  • Have exhausted every avenue and know that there has to be a better way

  • Do you feel that your child’s behaviour is really effecting their opportunity to be able to integrate and connect with their peers

  • Would you like to have the skills and coping strategies to feel resourceful in any situation so you can be free of anxiety stress negative emotions that leave you feeling and acting like the person you told yourself you would never become

  • Do you punish yourself and beat yourself up for behaving in an erratic manner when you feel pushed to boiling point

  • Are you far to snappy and intolerant when you know that calmness and patience would be the best way to get a positive result

  • Do you ever get home from work and the kids have made a mess leaving you in a bad mood? Wouldn't you like to change your mood instantly whenever you wish, whether you are at home, at work or in traffic?

  • Do you want to ensure you child has the best chance in a world that is fast pace and seems to be lacking the care and connection that is required to nurture a young mind

  • Do experience major negative emotions, anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt. Do these emotions rob you of happiness and energy?

  • How would you like to let go of those negative emotions and be equipped to let go of any of the other negative emotions that rob you of joy, peace, harmony and balance?

Start your kids life right!

November the 22nd - 24th + November 30th December 1st and 2nd I am running a 6-day intensive breakthrough - you will be able to let go of all of these negative feelings and gain all of the tools to help free your child from learning difficulties such as dyslexia and ADD and have the skills to teach them how have strategies of genius.

You have the opportunity to experience intensive interventions that give you the resilience an calm you need to be patient and empowered. You will also be guided on how to do the interventions to help your kids become the well equiped adults they have the ability to bet.

You also have the option for certification. If you so chose, you will be certified in NLP and Time Line Therapy® at the end of the 6 days.